A Starbucks Fan’s Musings

Posted by rippy on Jan 30, 2009 in Uncategorized
 A starbucks store with inviting lights. Makes you wanna head on in for a cup of frothy coffee isn’t it?

I’ve to admit, I’m a starbucks fan. I love their drinks (my favourite being their cafe latte). I love hot chocolate too, but i know of better specialised places to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

While i’m at starbucks, coffee is the drink. =) As a self-confessed starbucks fan, I simply adore the way the business is run, the setup and ambiance of the store, the way the company gives back to the community through Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ . I did a presentation on Cooperate Social Responsiblity last year (2008) and picked starbucks as my case study model.

The founder ceo is one of the business leaders whom i wanna learn from too. Starbucks was the first company to give its part-time employees/partners (they call their staff partners) full medical benefits coverage and the chance to own “beanstock”, way before its stock officially went for an IPO, it encouraged employees to feel they are part of the team and they too had a share in the company’s success.

Starbucks has made itself into a culture, both cooperate and social. I wanna emulate certain aspects of the model and improve on them.

haha. I’m in need of a starbucks coffee fix now. “Hi! Can i have a tall cafe latte? Ohh… and one of your chocolate muffins too pleasee… can i have it lightly toasted?” =)

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