i’m leaving for Australia today.

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I’m leaving for Australia tml. today actually. its already 1.26am now.

my heart is heavy. (will they charge me for a heavy overweight heart? lol. thats kinda lame.)

but ya. i’ll so miss my family, the ones i love so much.

gonna miss you guys so much.


tennis withdrawal symptoms

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it raining cats and dogs now. haha. i need a tennis fix now.  *i’m having tennis withdrawal symptoms. lol.


a’lil bout of emoing

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its been 2 weeks plus since i came home to Singapore. i’m flying back to brissie this saturday. how time seems to fly when your back home with family and friends. maybe i’m emoing now but i really had a great time in Singapore, i love spending time with my family, i enjoy the time spent with my friends, meeting up with close friends, old friends, catching up, coffee session at starbucks.

So many things to do, so little time.

but i make it a point to give most of my time to my family, i reserve full days to spend time with them, and this fri and sat is specially reserved for them.

i’m going out literally everyday and its pretty exhausting.  Sometimes i feel i would just prefer to stay home, sit on the sofa, read, watch the telly and idle the time away (aka nua).

going back to brissie this sat. how time flies. soon i’ll need to be studying really hard for my academic goals. and i’ll be taking on volunteering work at the hospital if they reply me. and i wanna get a casual job too. i can kinda foresee a pretty busy schedule ahead now.

really dun feel like going back to brissie, i’m gonna miss my family and wonderful old friends.

 emoing. me. yes i am. emoing.

gd nite world.


erp. lol.

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I must say, Singaporeans are the most creative bunch! haha.


its a wonderful world

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amazing what a pair of hands can do. =) don’t u think so?



Australian Open 2009 Finals

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  Roger federer looks emotionally at the trophy that he so wanted.

Roger federer looks emotionally at the trophy that he so wanted.

It was an emotional scene. Federer fighting back tears, while looking for words in his speech. He couldn’t say anything, he could’nt find words, he was fighting, fighting back tears.

As i watched him, i felt for him. I could see how much he wanted this. He needed this so much, it really meant alot to him. This was not only a victory in the Australian Open, a win would have provided him an assurance that he could still be capable of doing his tennis wonders and be able to play high quality tennis.

Fighting back tears, he said, “God, it’s killing me”  

“I love this game, it means the world to me and it hurts when you lose.”


The game he plays on that level takes everything out of a man. It also is one that forces you to stay out there afterwards, even after you lose and it doesn’t allow you immediate privacy to deal with your emotions, after losing a final. I really think so.



It meant so much to him

It meant so much to him.




That said, Federer will still be the humble, awesome tennis player that i have always come to respect and support.

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