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cool. finally done with my test! its worth a heapful 20% of my module and i was fretting over it since friday. =x

haha. stress stress.

now i can relax a’lil. =)

time now is 8.33pm. and my dinner is still beside me. haha. its cold already. when i do my work… i think i practically forget dinner. no appetite to eat too. i dun eat when i’m stressed. gonna microwave it later… =)

yeah! throw that chapter outta the window manz. relieved. =)

hmm… i’ve been training up for my run on 30th August! i’m fundraising for the Aussie Cancer Research Foundation. and to do that…. i’ll be running! =)

really cool my mom is supporting me all the way for it… she is the best if not THE BEST haha. my first donation was made by her.

cycled say 6 times up and down the brissie river at constant speed yesterdae. wanna train up my stamina. been running quite a fair bit throughout the last few weeks too.

i’m pumped. =)

and rowing is tml! i’m pretty excited each time i get up at 5am in the morning to row. twice a week, 5am. which is pretty cool. u get to row along the brissie river with the sunrise. and later i’ll take a nice warm shower at the clubhouse, and get ready for my lectures.

i’ve a really interesting lecturer for economics of financial markets this semester from belgium. her accent is so french. super french. when she says coupons… its sounds like cuuu pooons!~ which is really hilarious for me. haha. getting used to it.

i raise my hand in class, and told her about dutch auction in an ipo, as i read of it in the news before. and she said oh! that is the topic i’m gonna cover later… ur ahead of me! haha… its really interesting to learn of how ipo are launched with investment banks… how we can get conflict of interest and how investment banks underwrite the ipo… wad a myriad of reasons and they form such a “colourful financial fabric” altogether.

such cool interaction in class. never boring. =)

hmm. alrite. maybe i shall go start on my international trade and investment essay now…

the essay is on Costs, Distributional Issues and Protection…. “discuss the costs and distributional issues associated with protection given by a government of a particular industry”

haha… *WARNING* boring! doing this essay may make you sleep. zzz monster is on the prowl.

oh well. i’ll still need to do it nonetheless!


An awesome weekend + rowing!

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hmm. i’m at the law library now. =)

had a lecture this arvo. lol. today’s topic was so technical that it left me with an entangled mind, trying to figure out all the derivatives equations and economic modeling. gotta untangle that web tonight i guess, and there are so many readings! =x

haha. alrite, a’lil on my weekend…

i spent my weekend up on Mt. Tambourine reflecting on the Word of God and enjoying the wonderful fellowship. it was totally awesome! i felt a certain closer proximity to God as i reflected and read the bible.

haha. there’s alot to tell, but i’m too tired to type it all out. (aka lazy. hahaha.) BUT~! it was REALLY AWESOME!

yup! just wanna praise God for the wonderful weekend on Mt. Tambourine! =)

oh. rowing! despite the lack of much sleep, i woke up early at 5ish in the morning for rowing. lol. it was so COLD! haha. but when the sun rose up slightly higher, the air kinda warmed up to a more comfortable temperature. haha. and it was the first time i had brisbane river’s water splashed onto me. hmm. well, if anyone is wondering about the taste of the brissie river, its nice and bland. lols! *yucks. hahaha.

haha. but rowing was great! the sunrise and the serenity of the river (without the ocassional waves whipped up by the citycat ferries).

yea. i’m looking forward to this thursday’s rowing!

alrite, gotta run for my next lecture now!

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