somebody scratch their “downstairs” and put in the big mac

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gotta hear this!


first week of uni – its a wrap!

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yup. its a wrap! its fri today and that means the first week of uni has already played out and we’re moving into the second week soon. =) uni’s been great so far. went to uni today even though i had no lessons. i went to search for books at the uni’s secondhand bookshop. found and bought one book, “investments – concepts and applications” which i needed for my portfolio course. i think its gonna be a really interesting course. after getting the book, i went to the library to study and revised the first lecutre. haha. i think i’m begining to show signs of a bookworm/nerd. i’m having the hallmarks of all things bookwormy. =x

well. i do alot of tennis though. haha. tt kinda counters and balances up my bookish side. =)   

Product red

product red

Sandy's ipod

A surprise I gave my sis at the airport when i flew back to Singapore. An online exclusive (product) red ipod nano with her name engraved.


tennis heat

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it has been a pretty busy day today too.

tennis today was under an uber hot weather. i almost dehydrated in the searing heat and the sun was continously beating down on me.

i’m having a headache now, probably due to the heat during tennis.


first day of a brand new semester

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yup. today was the first day of a brand new semester!

well, what can i say? i got off to a late start! haha. i woke up at 1.30ish in the afternoon! and i’ve a lecture at 2? hahaha… it was brush (teeth), wear (clothes) and zoom (off to uni). totally crazy. but i din go to lecture straight (even though i was so late). haha. i stopped by at the cafe to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin.

well. lecutre was boring. i sat there looking bored. “bored” written all over my face. i left halfway through, packed up and left. haha. wad an unacademic unstudious way to start! tsk. simon leong.

oh well. haha. went to the library, sorted out my timetable. no more clashes now! =)

*listening to moonlight kiss now from the serendipity album. nice and slow, very apt for 1am-ish. which is the time now. =)

went for financial management lecture. its was awesome! met my friends from last semester, talked so much, it was great. the lecture ended at 6ish. lucky! it was supposed to end at 7!

haha, i din wanna end my first day at 7pm. its so late. and i was pretty tired. happy it ended early. =)

a truely pleasant and great first day. looking forward to more of uni!


haha. its time to study! i’m so gonna be studying in the library till late each dae. high aims for this semester. gotta look for a job too.

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