An awesome weekend + rowing!

Posted by rippy on Aug 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

hmm. i’m at the law library now. =)

had a lecture this arvo. lol. today’s topic was so technical that it left me with an entangled mind, trying to figure out all the derivatives equations and economic modeling. gotta untangle that web tonight i guess, and there are so many readings! =x

haha. alrite, a’lil on my weekend…

i spent my weekend up on Mt. Tambourine reflecting on the Word of God and enjoying the wonderful fellowship. it was totally awesome! i felt a certain closer proximity to God as i reflected and read the bible.

haha. there’s alot to tell, but i’m too tired to type it all out. (aka lazy. hahaha.) BUT~! it was REALLY AWESOME!

yup! just wanna praise God for the wonderful weekend on Mt. Tambourine! =)

oh. rowing! despite the lack of much sleep, i woke up early at 5ish in the morning for rowing. lol. it was so COLD! haha. but when the sun rose up slightly higher, the air kinda warmed up to a more comfortable temperature. haha. and it was the first time i had brisbane river’s water splashed onto me. hmm. well, if anyone is wondering about the taste of the brissie river, its nice and bland. lols! *yucks. hahaha.

haha. but rowing was great! the sunrise and the serenity of the river (without the ocassional waves whipped up by the citycat ferries).

yea. i’m looking forward to this thursday’s rowing!

alrite, gotta run for my next lecture now!

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